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TorrentRover is intended to facilitate finding downloadable contents available as torrents. The BitTorrent protocol is a very popular way to share contents and has the advantage of using peer-to-peer connections, so there is no server involved in the process. However, downloading torrents is quite risky, as many of them may be found in dangerous sites. Torrent Rover helps you find such files by performing integrated searches on various sites.

The tool has a nice and intuitive interface that anyone with basic computer skills can use. There are even two modes: Simple and Advanced. A search here is called “a rover”, which is where the name of the program comes from. You can easily start a new rover by entering the keywords. Moreover, you can narrow your search by choosing the desired search engines, which make quite a long list. Other search specifications include type of weekly format and category. Besides, you automate the process by scheduling downloads at a given frequency.

When the results are ready, you can simply click on the desired name to download the torrents, which, by the way, are simply links to the shared contents. At this point, you should pay attention to the additional information if you want to make the right choice. In this respect, it is good that you can see the file size, the number of seeders, the ratings, etc. Finally, after you have downloaded the torrent, you can start transferring contents with your default downloader.

To conclude, TorrentRover is a great utility that can query multiple torrent search engines to provide you with consolidated results. It has the advantage of updating the list of search engines periodically. It is great for finding your favorite TV series or movies. Luckily, this product is absolutely free to use.

Pedro Castro
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  • Integrated search in multiple engines
  • Allows you to narrow searches
  • Scheduled downloads
  • Detailed information about the results
  • Great to avoid malware


  • Cannot actually download the contents
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